8 tips to help you build and improve your hiring process

Stop thinking one person is the right fit for every task you need to delegate. The real estate world has a wide range of areas that you should delegate in order to build your business and it is very hard to find one person that can do it all…WELL. (Examples: The person who can relate to your “buyer” clients, help them fall in love with the right property and develop long lasting relationships may not be the same person that can handle the very important legal details of a real estate contract OR The person that can correctly market your listings online may not be the same person that can meet with your “seller” clients to present your marketing plan and be the agent chosen to list their properties.)

Recognize when you are trying to hire someone for administrative roles, most people think they have great computer skills when in reality they do not have a scale or guide to rank themselves on. Prepare a real test on the things they need to be able to do if they work for you and include it in your hiring process.

Consider other things — like communication skills, thought processes, reputation, past job history and emotional intelligence — because these matter more than you may think.

Ask the right questions. What do you really need? What do you expect? What are your goals? How will they add to your business in a positive way? 

Be prepared to provide extensive training specifically developed for the role the person is hired for.

Do not hire anyone just because you “like” them.

Be the owner without micromanaging every detail. 

Lead by example. The people you hire are watching & learning from you. 


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