Do real estate agents need their own website?

Real Estate has changed into an “online business” over the years. Buyers and Sellers turn to the internet first for their real estate needs. With so many agents out there, it is easy to be overlooked by potential clients. It is also heartbreaking to see that a friend or family member has used someone else for their real estate needs.

The best way to set yourself apart from your competition is to have your own website separate from the website your brokerage may provide.

If you already do have your own website, are you maxing out it’s potential?

Many agents are posting links on social media for their listings using links from YouTube videos ( , Virtual Tour Companies (,,…etc), Brokerage Websites (,,…etc),,,  and many other sites which do market the individual listing to some extent and it drives potential clients to those sites – but how well does it market you as the Agent?

All of the above mentioned sites will always play a role in your marketing. The links to your listings can be used on your website in a variety of ways. However, the first place you direct the public should be to your own website.

In this online business everything you do (e-mails you send, links you post on social media, business cards you hand out, flyers you print, qr codes you use, postcards you mail, contracts you sign, closings you attend, discussions you have…etc) should build YOUR online presence and the best way to do that is to have your own website and make sure it is WORKING for you.

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