Email Organization Services

Allow Still Virtual Assistance to help you become more productive and profitable by organizing your emails for you daily. 

“As the owner of SVA, I receive over 1,000 (work related) emails per day. Yet, my clients always receive a quick response from me. How is this possible? Systems and Organization!  Allow SVA to develop and implement custom systems into your business so you can become more productive and profitable.” ~Stephanie Still Johnson

There are two biggest challenges when it comes to keeping your email inbox organized:

  • The volume of emails real estate agents receive.
  • The tendency of real estate agents to check vs. actually processing the email messages.

What we do: (after a full consultation with you about your preferences) 

  • Reduce the volume of emails coming in with filters and unsubscribe options
  • Go through all email messages in your inbox and make a informed decision as to what needs to be done with the message.
  • Allow you to spend your time focusing on the emails that need your attention and stop wasting time on the rest. 

Be proactive rather than reactive

When you drop everything to glance at your email after hearing that notification chime on your phone, you’re letting email control you instead of the other way around. This habit is a productivity killer and it undermines your ability to stick to the agenda you’ve set for yourself throughout the day. Instead, you have become a slave to the agenda of others (advertisers, marketers, friends and colleagues) who want you to view their messages at a particular time.

The goal is to use your inbox as a to-do list. If it is in your inbox, it still needs you “to-do” something. We will help make this goal a reality. 

There are several tools that can help with the process. We will customize our plan based on your preferences. 

Below are some of the tools we like:

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Sortd – –


**At this time we only offer this service to real estate agents who use a Google platform for their emails. 

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