Why should real estate agents use Hashtags? #BuildYourBusiness

The Hashtag symbol has become an integral part of social media since it’s inception with Twitter users in 2007. Created initially to create smaller groups within Twitter, today all major social networks hyperlink hashtags because the adoption rate has been huge!

When someone clicks on a hashtag on any social media network, they’ll automatically be shown all other public posts that include the same hashtag. This is incredibly valuable for real estate agents, because it exposes your content to a wider audience, bringing you business you might not have otherwise found without spending a dime! #realestate #newlisting #county #city #state #subdivisionname 

Other benefits include:

Hashtags play their role in the SEO of your website, because they are strongly related to the core keywords your website and business in based on.
Hashtags based on keywords and phrases specific to your real estate business will increase the quantity and quality of site visitors; this gives you a bigger bang for the buck on your marketing efforts.
They are also useful in marketing older content. Why not share that blog post that you spent HOURS on previously, with a fresh audience?

According to KISSmetrics co-founder Neil Patel, hashtags build buzz and expand your online presence, and should be used to follow, control and identify conversations relevant to your brand. He suggests the following techniques in using them effectively:

  • Make them short
  • Make them conversational
  • Make them unique

You can track how well your hashtag is doing online by running it through several analytics tools online that will tell you how many users are tweeting it, the various impressions it’s making, the related hashtags being used and who the top posters are.

One tool you can use to see recent post with any hashtag you want to search: hashtagify.me

Another incredibly useful tool online is called Tagboard.com. Tagboard offers tools to create and grow online communities. Their goal is to remove as many barriers as possible in order for people with common interests to find each other and interact. This is a whole new way to experience great content from the social networks you already know and love. Each tagboard is a collection of social media posts (from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others) that share a common hashtag. The ultimate goal of tagboard is to allow users to cultivate and facilitate their communities faster, and with less effort.

We are inundated with so much information these days. Streamline the process. #usehashtags!

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